Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Up!

To strap both of your feet to a single board and get pulled 30 mph through the water might not seem like the brightest idea - but man is it fun. A good portion of our mornings were spent skimming across the pristine waters of Lake Powell, and about half of that time was spent plummitting head first into Lake Powell.

But everyone who attempted managed to get up and get a few good runs in,some where lengthier and more impresive; Greg slomned through the channels, Marie jumped the wake, and I was happy to just get up and hold my own for a few minutes.

The Bagel Fisherman

A wise man once said "Give a man a fish he will eat fish for a night. Teach a man to fish and he will eat fish for a life time." Well if that man was learning to fish from Chico he might have added "and when you teach a man to fish - make sure he has access to lots of bagels."

That's right, after two days attempting to catch the carp that was patrolling the bottom of our boat, Chico managed to land this monster with a hook, and about 5 bagels worth of bait.

Home Sweet Home

We spent four days and three nights on a house boat Greg (Marie's dad) and his family rented. We were a little worried about the condition of the house boat before we arrived at Lake Powell after learning it was a circa 1972. But after getting this old gal out into the open water, we quickly learned that modern amenities that other house boats sported like AC wasn't really necessary when you had an entire lake to cool off in. In fact about every hour or two Greg would stop the boat in the middle of the lake and we would all jump in and swim a lap around the boat to cool off. This was a much more enjoyable way to cool off and spend the day than by riding in AC.

The top of the boat was definitely the most popular place to sleep - cool nights, loads of stars, and plenty of fresh air (as long we clogged the bathroom vents with towels).

At the end of the trip, the boat seemed more than adequate, and a good time was had by all. Now if we could just do something about the captain's hat...

Lake Powell

Last week we had the opportunity to visit Lake Powell. For those of you who are not familiar with Lake Powell, the Lake is a man made lake created in 1963 after the addition of the Glenn Canyon Dam. The dam, backed up the Colorado River and created this massive lake. Lake Powell has over 1900 miles of shoreline - more shoreline than the western united states coastline. It is actually a narrow sandstone canyon filled by millions of gallons of water. The canyons are often narrow and dramatic. The posts and pictures that follow are about our 4 days at Lake Powell...Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Journey into Blogging

It took me 2 years to turn on T9 texting - I'm ashamed to admit it but somewhere around the turn of the millenium, technology began to pass me by. Sure I joined the cell phone and digital camera crowd - but big deal, so did my grandparents.

I had to google the word Blog about a three years ago, I had no idea what it was. Google - everyone's fail safe to fall back on when you don't know the answer led me to a place where everyone seemed to know the answer and they weren't afraid to post and tell you about it - Wikipedia. It sounded like a some sort of vacation spot to me. I was amazed to discover that there was a place where the common knowledge of the human race was regarded as gospel truth. ( I have to admit that I was ahead of the curve on this one, as I got away with editing an entry on 'economics' and citing it in a term paper before my professor caught on).

So in an effort to catch up, (or at least not fall farther behind) and to keep in touch with everyone the best we can we are entering the world of blogging. We will try to keep everyone updated on our lives down here in red rock country. So feel free to swing on by when you get bored and all there is on tv is a 'Facts of Life' marathon. I promise we will be more entertaining than Trudy - hopefully.